Illegal sisha lounge found in Rotterdam home; 5 arrested

The police discovered what appeared to be a shisha lounge in a home on Jufferstraat in Rotterdam this week. Official reports were filed against all eight people found inside. Five of them were arrested for failing to identify themselves, the Rotterdam police said on Instagram on Friday.

The police became suspicious of the home after noticing its large number of visitors. “Just rang the bell and one after the other was let in,” the police said. “When we rang the bell, however, it became very quiet in the house. Apparently we were less welcome, because there was no opening for us.”

With an authorization to enter, the police forced the door and went inside. “It looked like the local shisha lounge, including several table games, given the amount of hookahs there.” According to the police, the house definitely did not function as a home anymore – it contained no bed and no shower or bathing facilities.

Eight people were found inside. Official report were filed against all of them. Five of them were arrested for failing to identify themselves. And two of them still had outstanding fines. An administrative report was also drawn up so that the municipality can check the tenants of the house.

“Unfortunately, it remains difficult for a small number of people to adhere to measures taken for our and your health! However, we take the enforcement of the emergency ordinance very seriously,” the police said. “We will continue to enforce the emergency ordinance in the coming period. Only together can we get corona under control!”